Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Video #61: Pretty Poison

It was twenty years ago this month that "Catch Me (I'm Falling)" by the Philly band Pretty Poison peaked at #8 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. The single was originally released on the band's own label Svengali Records back in April 1987 and it wound being a hit on the local radio stations like Power 99 and Hot Hits 98 that summer. Virgin Records took notice and signed theact and then re-released the single that fall. It would also go to #1 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Here is a clip of Pretty Poison performing the track on the USA Network TV show Dance Party USA. It originated from Philadelphia, based on a local program on WWPHL-TV called Dancin' On Air.

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Christmas 2007 Wrap Up

Christmas wasn't a big thing this year. Got the last of my shopping done on the Thursday before. I got some gift cards for Target and, which I am using to get some DVDs. Still getting over that cold that I recaught earlier this month, hopefully I'll be well by the time New Year comes around. I am making some plans on what to do on New Years Eve and Day, which I will be in Philly at least one of those two days.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Somebody's been naughty...again

I know, I just can't resist putting up even more pictures of Karen Walker done up as a Santa Claus dominatrix like I have for the past two years. Here is the clip from Will and Grace ("Jingle Balls," which originally aired on December 13, 2001) where Jack tries to convince his boss that he can design a Christmas window display, and has Karen help out with his "vision."

Anyway, Happy Holidays!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Philly Gay Men's Chorus's holiday CD

Sorry that I forgot to post this earlier this week--the latest edition of my column, which covers the Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus's new holiday CD titled Holiday Delights, has been posted up. BTW they are holding a CD release party at Woody’s on Sunday, December 23 from 10pm to midnight, where there will be a guest bartender from PGMC and some CD giveaways.

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Friday Video #60: Santa Baby

Three versions of one of my favorite Christmas songs, "Santa Baby":

First here's RuPaul performing the song on his Christmas special that aired on VH1 in 1997. It's also on his Christmas album, titled Ho Ho Ho.

Next here's Kylie Minogue on Top Of The Pops back in 2000. Her version of "Santa Baby" originally appeared as a non-album b-side of her single "Please Stay."

Finally here's the woman who put the song on the map, Eartha Kitt. This a recent performance of "Just An Old Fashioned Girl" and "Santa Baby." Love the catty put-down she makes of Madonna, who recorded the song herself back in 1987.

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I caught another cold this past weekend and I wound up not going to the Philadelphians social to my disappointment. (I did make to their general meeting the following evening though.) Saw the doctor on Tuesday and I was given some anti-biotics since I hadm't gotten completely over the cold I got from last month. Last night coming home from work I had a anxiety-depressive episode--crazy Christmas traffic--and I guess I was lucky for not saying "To hell with it!" and crashing my car. I've had thoughts of suicide popping in my head but I've resisted actually doing it. I don't know if it's the cold that is messing with my head or I've been getting frayed from the holiday rush. But I'm still here.

BTW I did my last bit of Christmas shopping yesterday morning, so that's one thing to strike off my list.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Philadelphians Holiday Party/Social 2007

The Philadelphians MC’s Holiday Party/Social extravaganza will be on Sunday, December 16th from 5-9pm, in the basement of The Bike Stop.

They will be doing a toy drive this year, so bring a new unwrapped toy to be given to Philadelphian children living with AIDS.

I heard that the weather is going to be iffy on Sunday, forecasts say that there's going to be a mixture of rain and snow. I hope that the weather won't be too bad, since I plan on being there.

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Friday VIdeo #59: Last Christmas

Here are a couple of diverse cover versions of Wham's "Last Christmas" I enjoy:

This is Jimmy Eat World's version which was released on the OC Christmas CD in 2004.

Here is Cascada's version, which is included on their recent CD maxi-single "What Hurts The Most."

Finally, click here to hear Jade Starling (singer from Pretty Poison) do a freestyle version. No video of this track, but at least it's currently streaming on her MySpace page. It first came out two years ago, but the version on her page is a new version where it's slightly re-edited and some new vocals are added (giving it a bit of a ABBA-ish sound).

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Hustle and Bustle

I might be a bit strange but I kind of enjoy the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holiday, Christmas shopping and all. I usually like to spread out the gift-buying over a few weeks period; the stuff I have to mail out I usually buy first. This way I don't have to use my credit card as much as if I had bought everything at once. Also in the middle of sending out a few Christmas cards as well. Plus working on my next Philly Gay Calendar column, which will be on the new Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus holiday CD, which should be posted up early next week.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Video #58: Bearforce1 Christmas

Back in August I posted a video of the all-bear boy band from Holland Bearforce1. Well, they're back. Last month they released a new video "Christmas is here," but I didn't want to foist this onto you until at least until after Thanksgiving (which is the earliest Christmas music should be played IMHO). Again, this has a high cheese factor, but what the hell? It's some fun for Christmas!

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