Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday VIdeo #59: Last Christmas

Here are a couple of diverse cover versions of Wham's "Last Christmas" I enjoy:

This is Jimmy Eat World's version which was released on the OC Christmas CD in 2004.

Here is Cascada's version, which is included on their recent CD maxi-single "What Hurts The Most."

Finally, click here to hear Jade Starling (singer from Pretty Poison) do a freestyle version. No video of this track, but at least it's currently streaming on her MySpace page. It first came out two years ago, but the version on her page is a new version where it's slightly re-edited and some new vocals are added (giving it a bit of a ABBA-ish sound).

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Blogger hot-lunch said...

whaT? no Darren Hayes?? I love his version of it!!

11:17 AM  

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