Friday, December 14, 2007

Hustle and Bustle

I might be a bit strange but I kind of enjoy the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holiday, Christmas shopping and all. I usually like to spread out the gift-buying over a few weeks period; the stuff I have to mail out I usually buy first. This way I don't have to use my credit card as much as if I had bought everything at once. Also in the middle of sending out a few Christmas cards as well. Plus working on my next Philly Gay Calendar column, which will be on the new Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus holiday CD, which should be posted up early next week.

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Blogger Liz said...

I don't mind the hustle and bustle either as long as I can rest and remain from panicking over having to spend money. In other words, I have to stick to my budget. Happy Holidays to you Chris, in case I don't see you. ;)

10:58 AM  

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