Friday, November 16, 2007

Philly Leather 2007 Report

The Mr. and Ms. Philadelphia Leather Contest at the William Way Center this past Saturday night went very well. I arrived at the center at 5:00pm and helped with setting up. The contest started at 7:00pm. Ryan Goldner and Carlota Ttendant were the emcees for the evening. There were four male conestants, but surprisingly there were no female contestants this time around. The winner of the Mr. title was Scott Daddy and the first runner up was Andy Liu. Since there were no female contestants and the producers hated to see a good trophy go to waste, so it was decided that Carlota was chosen as an honorary Ms. Leather titleholder. After the contest I went over to the Bike Stop for an hour then I went home (I was getting over a cold). The bar was the most crowded that I've seen in a while.

Click here to see photos from the event thanks to EDGE Philadelphia.

Went back into Philly next afternoon for the Leather Victory Social, which was hosted by the Philadelphians MC. Since it didn't start until 6pm, I spent a couple of hours doing some shopping and whatnot in Center City. The CD section in the Borders on Broad and Chestnut was a mess with so many CDs misplaced in the wrong section. You'd think that with record stores closing left and right you'd think that the staff there would put in more effort in discouraging the customers that still wants to buy their music in a store. Then I had some chicken soup at a local diner, and then it was off to a nearby Starbucks for some tea (I had a Starbucks gift card given as a birthday gift). While I sat with my tea, a homeless guy came in and tried to buy something but he wound up arguing with the guy behind the cashier and left the place before the cops were called on him. The Starbucks in Los Angeles get celebrity trainwrecks like Britney and Lindsey Lohan while the ones here just get mentally unstable homeless people.

The Leather Victory social was fun. Not as busy as the previous night but it did draw a good crowd. All the male contestants showed up. I help out with selling 50/50 raffle tickets. It was over by 10pm and I went home. Fun weekend, now it's time rest up and take care of that cold so it can go away for good.

UPDATE: The Philadelphia Gay News covers the Philly Leather contests.

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