Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Video #54: Queer Eye Anastacia

I'm currently working on my next PhillyGayCalendar column, which will be up next week. It will focus on the pop culture image of the gay man helping out straights, or what I'd like refer to as "the good fairy." The TV show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy is the best example of this. As I was doing some research for this article, I came across a YouTube clip of the show's fashion guy Carson Kressley miming to the Thunderpuss remix of Anastacia's "Love Is A Crime." This was shot at a taping of the show where a "Straight Guy Pageant" was held; former guys who were helped on the show were brought back to see who had kept up with their makeovers and who hadn't. The one who did the best job keeping up was crowned "Ultimate Straight Guy." This show was taped back in 2006 but it wasn't aired until October 2007.

Sometimes it just take a fairy belting out a disco tune.

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