Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday VIdeo #50: New Kylie

I'm in love, woo.

Here is the latest Kylie Minogue single and video, "2 Hearts." It's the first single and leading track off her tenth studio album X, which will be released internationaly in November. The song, a glam-pop romp, was written and produced by the electronic pop group Kish Mauve. Kylie's version is basically a faithful copy of the Kish Mauve original, but her charm really shines through here. I'm liking this a lot already.

The video was directed by Dawn Shadforth, who's done a number of music videos, including Kylie's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and "Spinning Around." If Kylie here looks like if she's been watching a lot of Goldfrapp videos, maybe that's because Shadforth has done a couple of Goldfrapp clips.

If there's any justice, "2 Hearts" would be HUGE in America. But between the state of US pop radio right now (nothing but hip-hop and that trainwreck hobag Britney) and Kylie's US label Capitol already mishandling the album's release (X won't be getting a US release until Februrary 2008, think of all the import sales and illegal downloading that'll be cutting into US sales in that three-month time gap!), I don't think that it's very likely to happen. But then again, Britney just had a hit single in spite of her trainwreck persona and her own record label's lack of promotion, why not someone who's got her shit far more together like Kylie?

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Blogger hot-lunch said...

omg i can't wait to go home and d/l that kish mauve original! thanks for posting it!!

and i'm not ashamed to say, i am lovin' the new Britney stuff!! :P

5:14 PM  

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