Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer by the Raven's poolside finally!

Believe it or not yesterday was the first day i've been poolside at the Raven in New Hope PA this summer. I've been meaning to be up there earlier but I wasn't able to for a couple of different reasons. But recently I've been doing some extra work so I figured I might as well go up there now before the summer's over. So yesterday I drove into Center City Philly to pick up my friend Richard and then we headed up on I-95 North up to New Hope. We arrived at the Raven about 11AM and we found out that we had to pay $10.00 each to be at the pool during weekends now, where it was $5 in previous years. (They still charge $5 during weekdays.) The sky was cloudy and overcast that morning, even thought it was humid and the tempature was in the 80s. But the sun kept peeking out of the clouds as the day went on and by three in the afternoon, the sky had pretty much cleared and the sun was out in full force. Not many people were there at the pool when we arrived, but the crowd trickled in during the afternoon. Richard and I had a blast there. We stayed until five, where I drove him back to Philly (we did stop along the way at McDonald's in Levitown for dinner) and dropped him off before going home myself.

BTW I'm going to be doing quite a bit of housework this week before I go down to the shore on Labor Day weekend. I'll be doing some cleaning out in both the physical and mental sense so I won't have a lot on my mind when I'm on vacation. Housework can be theraputic, no?



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hope u have a lovely labour day weekend!!

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