Friday, August 17, 2007

Explaining the title of this blog

I know I've explained this before when I first started this blog two years ago, but I figured that not everyone had gone that far back to read it, so I'll explain again why I chose the title. It's meant to be quite tounge in cheek. When I started this I needed a title. I had recently read Painfully Obvious by Robert Davolt and I remembered one passage where he was talking about journalism for the leather press and community journalism, and then he started get sarcastc on how the Internet affected it:

"Now there is the Internet--Man's highest achievement in communications. Twenty-eight million websites all screaming into the cosmic void: 'I EXIST!...and I have a cat.'"

Already a lot people were already blogging and when I started this I had my doubts that the world really needed another blogger. So the Robert Davolt quote sounded like a good idea for a blog title.

And in case you've asked: yes, I do have a cat. A black American Shorthair.



Blogger hot-lunch said...

i want to see pics of kitty!

3:48 PM  

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