Friday, August 10, 2007

This is why the music industry is in the crapper

Up until now you could buy Amy Winehouse's debut CD Frank (which released back in 2003) in shops as an import. But recently Amy's US label Universal has sent letters threatening to sue retailers if they keep selling import copies of that album, since the label plans to release a US version of the album in November.

Excuse me, but couldn't Universal bump up the release date of Frank instead of making Amy's American fans wait for it? Instead of waiting for it, those fans will either go download it on P2P networks, have a friend who already has a copy to burn one for them, or go to a foreign retailer's website like and order it for there. The album is already done, considering that it's been out there for almost four years now. Are the staff at Universal US too lazy to bother to release it here now instead of taking their damn sweet time to release it here in November? And in the meantime they are making the stores stop selling physical product that paying customers want.

And they wonder why the record industry is going down the toilet.

Hell, this could drive you to drink. Which will mean that you'll have some interesting company.

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