Monday, June 29, 2009

Philly Pride Photos, Part 2

When I left my previous post of the photos I took at the 2009 Philly gay Pride parade, I was telling about the truck that the Philadelphians MC were using breaking down around 8th and Walnut Streets.

This is after said truck broke down and half of the club's members deciding to stay with the truck until AAA arrived. So the other half continued on the parade route with smaller numbers than intended.

The people marching behind us were...

...the Philadelphia Fins Aquatics Club.

Our club life brother John was one of the parade judges at the judging booth on Market Street between Sixth and Fifth.

The crowd on Market Street between Sixth and Fifth Streets.

Standing at Market and Sixth waiting for our turn to go by the judges' stand.

Presenting ourselves in front of the judges's booth.

Making our way to Penn's Landing.

We arrived at the entrance for the Pride Festival at Penn's Landing around 2:30 PM, but we decided to head back at the judges' stand for John and to check up on how the truck was back on 8th and Walnut instead of paying to go into the festival. (The festival turned to be well attended anyway.) So after checking up on the status of the truck, the rest of the group split up in different directions. I went back to the gayborhood where I had a bite to eat at Woody's, then half a hour at the Bike Stop, and then a stop at Giovanni's Room bookstore where I bought the latest issue of A Bear's Life magazine. (Doing my part to keep independent gay bookstores open!)

The I went to WOOF! Philly for about an hour or so before I took the train back home that evening. Here I am with Mid-Atlantic Leatherboy 2008 Stephen "boyshark" .

At WOOF! Philly with DJ Michael Decero.

Anyhow, I hope that your Pride turned out well!

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