Saturday, June 13, 2009

NJ FOREPLAY 2009 photos

Back on Saturday, June 6, I went to Asbury Park, New Jersey, to attend NJ FOREPLAY, which was a leather/bear/fetish block party that goes on the day before New Jersey Gay Pride. This was the fourth year it was held, and it turned out to be the most successful one so far. I brought along my camera and took some pictures.

My group the Philadelphians MC manned a table at FOREPLAY and passed out brochures of our upcoming events.

Jim, Mike, another Chris and I represented Philly.

Mike, Chris and Jim. We were lucky to get a spot where there was a lot of shade.

The paps keep stalking Britney (actually that was just an impersonator).

Mr. New York Leather 2009 Jase Woodruff and go-go dancer from the WOOF! and WOOF! Philly parties Torez.

Having a cuddle with Torez.

Roll call of the current leather titleholders.

Roll call of the Mr. and Ms. New Jersey Leathers over the past decade.

With leather daddies Ernie and JR.

Kendall perfoms at the stage area.

I have to say that it was all wonderful. I also attended NJ Gay Pride the following day; in a day or two I'll post a few photos from there.

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looks like you had a great pride!!

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