Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Never Said Nothing...

Yesterday I was surfing on Facebook and I came across an App-type quiz that said "Which 90's Alt-Rock goddess are you?" and I took it and hoping that I'd get Courtnmey Love. So I answered the question and hit the submit button and I got Liz Phair. The anylsis the came with that was actually quite interesting because it did sound a lot like myself:

"That girl-next-door thing you've been doing, it's just a front. You're actually an intensely self-aware, sexualized being who sees the darker side of human nature. Truth be told, it rattles you. You've got perceptive abilities that you don't quite have control of, and thus you can be shy, insecure, or callous. You wish you were truly able to say "fuck you" to your detractors, but in reality it hurts you to be judged and/or rejected. Deeply. You wonder sometimes if life might be easier if you were just a guy. When people see you at parties, they might assume you're a snob or a bitch, but once they get you talking your candor and heartfeltness disarms them. If you can just desensitize yourself a bit, you'll have a chance at peace and happiness. If not, you'll make yourself miserable for the rest of your life."

As long as I'm not posing with a guitar like some Barbie-blob mess on an album cover several years down the line, I'm happy.

BTW here is the video from "Never Said," which is taken from her 1993 album Exile In Guyville.

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