Sunday, April 12, 2009

François Sagat banned from YouTube

Recently YouTube decided that porn hottie François Sagat had posted one too many racy videos, so they deleted his account and banned him from making new ones. He responded on his blog saying "All that shit for a video of me wet, dressed in white underwear in the swimming pool, waouh so shocking" and told YouTube to "GO FUCK YOURSELF." Will Clark, a former porn star who runs the Gay Porn Bingo Night up in NYC, and whose Facebook account was shut down last month, remarked that YouTube's action was "typical of a company that starts out on the fringe and then aims for a "family friendly" crowd."

Anyhow, François does grant us one final YouTube apperance. Shame that we won't be seeing his handsome visage on that website as much as before.

And now this gives me the excuse of posting some of my favorite François photographs:

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Blogger Brand New W said...

damn he's hot!!!

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