Monday, June 29, 2009

"Jungle Jam" by Head Cheese

I've been a fan of "Jungle Jam," a wonderfully bizarre single that was released in late 1981 by the post-punk art school band from Philadelphia called Head Cheese. Described as an offbeat love song to their city (though 13th Street pretty much can no longer be described as "a jungle"), "Jungle Jam" was released as a 3-track 7" single on the Burn Potential Records label, which would be their only release. Head Cheese members Susan Ottaviano and Jade Lee, as well as the producer of that single, Ted Ottaviano (no relation), went on to form the synth-dance band Book of Love, which would have several dance hits in the later half of the 80's.

But I didn't realize that there was a video to this track until this morning--which I found posted onto Facebook thanks to Robert Drake! It was shot in 1982, consisting of all Center City art students. It pretty much takes lyrics of the verses quite literally (such as Susan leaving the hospital with a dead baby in a cassorole dish), and it has a black and white 1950's/60's horror movie vibe to it. Ah, the wonders you can find on YouTube.

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Blogger Rick Kappra said...

I am one of the Center City art students in that video. It was shot on film (this was before video) - part of it was shot in an empty lot in South Philly (we got the pig's head from a butcher there). We were all students at what was then Philadelphia College of Art (PCA) and is now University of the Arts. Good times!

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