Thursday, July 02, 2009

Folsom Street East 2009 Photos, Part 1

I went to Folsom Street East in New York City on Sunday June 21. I almost didn't go because the weather reports didn't sound all that great, but in the end I grabbed an umbrella and took the train into the city, arriving there a little bit after 2:00 PM. Actually the weather didn't turn out all that bad, just a few brief rain storms that didn't last long. A brief stoll on the main gay strip on Eigth Avenue in Chelsea, and then to the street festival itself:

The first of four times it rained (briefly) that afternoon and evening.

Porn director Chi Chi La Rue was the emcee on the performance stage.

Drag queen Peppermint serving it up.

Chi Chi and friend.

Dance music artist Reina performs.

The rain came down for a second time while Reina was in the middle of singing "No One's Gonna Change You."

Reina gets some help from a friend. The rain went away shortly after that.

Current titleholders.

It started to rain again (#3) as the last of the titleholders went onstage. So those who didn't have umbrellas went scrambling for cover.

I guess that's a good point to say "to be continued." I will posting more FSE photos in a few days!

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Blogger Pax Romano said...

Great photos!

LaRue has lost a lot of weight. I was not even sure that was him at first.

6:11 AM  

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