Thursday, July 02, 2009

Amber doesn't believe in hate

This is the promo EPK video for the upcoming new single by Amber, which is "I Don't Believe In Hate (Drip Drop)." This video goes into the process on how the single was selected and recorded. There will also be a music video to this, which is supposed to come out later this month.

I've heard samples of "I Don't Believe In Hate" (which you can hear on her MySpace page) and they sound HOT. The vocal use of the "drip drop" reminds me of the "Li Da Di" scat-singing bits in her hit "Sexual." I can imagine the US dance outlets going crazy over this. The song was written by Kelly Mueller and was produced by her longtime producer Wolfram Dettki. There are remixes by Pathos V2 (the name Dettki uses for his remixes) and Yinon Yahel.

"I Don't Believe In Hate (Drip Drop)" will be internationally released on most digital store outlets on July 21. There will also be a limited edition five track physical CD, which you can order a personally autographed copy through her website (Perfect Beat will also be selling a limited amount of copies as well).

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