Friday, April 18, 2008

Prom Picture

I was in Philly this past Wednesday to watch the Dumspta Players perform Prom Trash 2008. Notice the T-Shirt I was wearing, which features the cover of Hole's Live Through This album; quite appropriate considering the evening's theme. Thanks a lot to the Divine Miss Jimmi for taking this photo of me!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Video #72: Whateva! I Do What I Want!

Recently all twelve seasons of South Park can now be viewed in their entirety online at the new South Park website at To celebrate I've put up a clip of one of my favorite South Park moments. Here Cartman goes on the Maury Povich show as a cross-dressing "out of control" kid and competes with a teenage girl on who is more "out of control." It's from the episode titled Freak Strike, which first aired back in 2002.

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4 Minutes To Alienate Your Core Audience

It seems that the staff at Madonna's label Warner Brothers has gotten a bit hyper-sensitive these days. It seemed that someone didn't like that some unofficial remixes of her leatest single "4 Minutes" were being put up on the multimedia section of a certain dance/DJ forum board and sent a letter threatening to sue the person running it. Not only the multimedia section was taken down because of that, most of the threads about Madonna were also taken down from that board just because some people were talking about those non-label-approved remixes.

I do believe that artists should be paid for their work and all of that, but I think that what someone at Warner's did was excessive. The DJs that were posting their mixes on that board are Madonna fans who are more likely to support her official remixes, albums and singles by buying them (as well as merchandise, concert tickets and everything else Madonna). These fans have given her support when the US radio stations stopped paying attention to her recent singles in the past five years and just want to help publicize her music. And that forum board is aimed towards DJs and fans of dance music, it's not the whole world who's stopping by just to pick some free mixes. And what does her record label do to pay back that favor? They treat those fans as thugs and criminals by threatening to sue them, even for talking about those "illegal" mixes! So now some of those are pissed and are now not going to buy/support the new Madonna album and/or any other releases from that label! Way to go Warners! You've wound up alienating fans that have supported Madonna when US radio pretty much ignored her recent records and there going to be the devil to pay when the new Madonna single won't chart as high on Billboard's Dance chart and that some sales of that new Madonna album is lost in the process. No winder the music industry is in the shitter.

Oh yeah, IMHO that new hip-hop sellout Madonna/Justin Tinkerlake single "4 Minutes To Get My Music Back Onto Clear Channel" is a big hot crass mess. It would have worked better if it was just Madonna singing lead all of the way through instead of as a duet with Tinkertoy/Timbaland. As it is with all three singing lead, there's just too much going on. And that video, WTF? It looks like it was directed by someone who had ADD with all that hyper-editing and special effects going on there. Worst Madonna video in some time. After seeing this, I miss Confessions Madonna even more.

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