Monday, June 29, 2009

Philly Pride Photos, Part 2

When I left my previous post of the photos I took at the 2009 Philly gay Pride parade, I was telling about the truck that the Philadelphians MC were using breaking down around 8th and Walnut Streets.

This is after said truck broke down and half of the club's members deciding to stay with the truck until AAA arrived. So the other half continued on the parade route with smaller numbers than intended.

The people marching behind us were...

...the Philadelphia Fins Aquatics Club.

Our club life brother John was one of the parade judges at the judging booth on Market Street between Sixth and Fifth.

The crowd on Market Street between Sixth and Fifth Streets.

Standing at Market and Sixth waiting for our turn to go by the judges' stand.

Presenting ourselves in front of the judges's booth.

Making our way to Penn's Landing.

We arrived at the entrance for the Pride Festival at Penn's Landing around 2:30 PM, but we decided to head back at the judges' stand for John and to check up on how the truck was back on 8th and Walnut instead of paying to go into the festival. (The festival turned to be well attended anyway.) So after checking up on the status of the truck, the rest of the group split up in different directions. I went back to the gayborhood where I had a bite to eat at Woody's, then half a hour at the Bike Stop, and then a stop at Giovanni's Room bookstore where I bought the latest issue of A Bear's Life magazine. (Doing my part to keep independent gay bookstores open!)

The I went to WOOF! Philly for about an hour or so before I took the train back home that evening. Here I am with Mid-Atlantic Leatherboy 2008 Stephen "boyshark" .

At WOOF! Philly with DJ Michael Decero.

Anyhow, I hope that your Pride turned out well!

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"Jungle Jam" by Head Cheese

I've been a fan of "Jungle Jam," a wonderfully bizarre single that was released in late 1981 by the post-punk art school band from Philadelphia called Head Cheese. Described as an offbeat love song to their city (though 13th Street pretty much can no longer be described as "a jungle"), "Jungle Jam" was released as a 3-track 7" single on the Burn Potential Records label, which would be their only release. Head Cheese members Susan Ottaviano and Jade Lee, as well as the producer of that single, Ted Ottaviano (no relation), went on to form the synth-dance band Book of Love, which would have several dance hits in the later half of the 80's.

But I didn't realize that there was a video to this track until this morning--which I found posted onto Facebook thanks to Robert Drake! It was shot in 1982, consisting of all Center City art students. It pretty much takes lyrics of the verses quite literally (such as Susan leaving the hospital with a dead baby in a cassorole dish), and it has a black and white 1950's/60's horror movie vibe to it. Ah, the wonders you can find on YouTube.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Philly Pride Photos, Part 1

Sunday June 14 was the day of the Philadelphia Gay Pride Parade and Festival.

My club the Philadelphians MC marched in the parade. Overall we had a good time even though the pick-up truck we were using to carry the beverages and play the music broke down on 8th and Market streets. Half of the group stayed with the truck to wait for it to be picked up by AAA and the other half continued marching to Penn's Landing. Our captain gave an account of that in PGN.

Here I took some pictures:

Prepping up for the parade on 13th Street between Locust and Spruce.

Doing the "Gloucester Geese" dance move.

The parade route started at 13th and Walnut Streets.

Heading up on 11th Street.

Turning onto Market Street.

Just before the truck broke down.

Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2008 Scott Daddy and his boy Eryc.

I will post more photos from the parade and afterwards soon!

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Leather Wings at NJ Pride

I just took a couple of pictures at the New Jersey Gay Pride Festival in Asbury Park, NJ on June 7. These I took of Mr. New Jersey Leather 2008 Spanky and his leather winged outfit.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

NJ FOREPLAY 2009 photos

Back on Saturday, June 6, I went to Asbury Park, New Jersey, to attend NJ FOREPLAY, which was a leather/bear/fetish block party that goes on the day before New Jersey Gay Pride. This was the fourth year it was held, and it turned out to be the most successful one so far. I brought along my camera and took some pictures.

My group the Philadelphians MC manned a table at FOREPLAY and passed out brochures of our upcoming events.

Jim, Mike, another Chris and I represented Philly.

Mike, Chris and Jim. We were lucky to get a spot where there was a lot of shade.

The paps keep stalking Britney (actually that was just an impersonator).

Mr. New York Leather 2009 Jase Woodruff and go-go dancer from the WOOF! and WOOF! Philly parties Torez.

Having a cuddle with Torez.

Roll call of the current leather titleholders.

Roll call of the Mr. and Ms. New Jersey Leathers over the past decade.

With leather daddies Ernie and JR.

Kendall perfoms at the stage area.

I have to say that it was all wonderful. I also attended NJ Gay Pride the following day; in a day or two I'll post a few photos from there.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Philadelphians MC's Pre-Pride Bar Night at LAID

As part of the Philadelphia Gay Pride celebrations this weekend, the Philadelphians MC will be holding their Pre-Gay Pride bar night during "LAID," a new weekly Leather/Fetish Night at Sal's (Located at 200 S. 12th Street, between Walnut and Locust, the same venue where the WOOF! Philly events are held at), on Saturday June 13 from 8:00 PM to Midnight. Stephen "boyshark" Mercer will be hosting the new LAID parties every Saturday from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

50/50 raffles, jello shots, as well as leather, fetish gear, cruizin’, pool tables, The Philadelphians MC, DJ Barney spinning and MAYHEM!!! See you there!

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I want to apoligize again for not keeping up with this blog and having you look at that picture of a haggard Madonna when you click onto here. It's not that there weren't things to blog about, I just was motivated to write it down. I can guess it's the depression or bad time management issues. Telling myself to just snap out of it doesn't always work. Just trying to motivate myself to do find an extra job or clean up my space can take some mental effort, but somehow I manage.

Anyway with June being Gay Pride Month, I do have some stuff I want to put up and some events I want to cover. This past Christmas I got a real digital camera, so I don't need to buy a CVS disposable camera anymore when I need to take photos (but those can take some good pictures if you know how to work it) for this blog.

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