Sunday, May 21, 2006

Be afraid Satan-torum, be very afraid

This past Tuesday, Andrew Dinniman was the first Democrat in Chester County in 115 years to be elected to Pennsylvania State Senate. He won over the Republican candidate Carol Aichele in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 19th Senatorial District seat. He got nearly 21,000 votes while she only got 16,000 plus. What was more amazing is that register Republicans outnumber Democrats two to one in Chester County. More than 22,000 registered Republicans cast ballots in the election while less than 13,000 Democrats voted.

Dinniman and Aichele, both county commissioners of the county, battled for who will serve out the last two years of the late state Sen. Robert Thompson’s term, who died earlier this year.

Dinniman will be representing Chester and Montgomery counties. The last time a Chester County Democrat was voted into the position of State Senator was Septimus Nivin way back in 1891.

Why did some of the Republicans decided to cross party lines and voted for Dinniman? Some of them were familiar with and liked his ability to govern, such as his 15 year stint as county commisioner. It could be backlash against the state legislature (that had a Republican majority) voting for a pay raise. And some are just getting tired of the arrogance and ignorance of the right-wing Republicans ruling the party like George W. Bush and Rick Santorum. (BTW Carol Aichele is Santorum's campaign chair in Chester County.)

Could this be a sign of what could happen in the upcoming November election in Pennsylvania? If some Republicans in the most Republican county can vote for a certain Democratic candidate, then Santorum's position as US Senator is not as sturdy as it seems.

So be afraid Satan-torum, be very afraid.


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