Thursday, May 04, 2006

What a time to get sick

My allergies acted up with a vengence when I went to Philly last evening--when I got to the Prince Music Theater to watch the two Equality Forum discussion panels, my head felt really kind of cloudy. Fortuneately I had taken a couple of diet Red Bulls and a couple of iced coffees during the course of the evening. Plus I felt really constipated as well. The National Media panel on blogs went well. It was kind of hard to concentrate though due to how I felt. When that ended I went to get a Red Bull and went to the bathroom to relieve myself, and I felt a bit better. However, during the second panel--"Beyond Barebacking: Young Men's Health"--I wound up leaving only after around ten to fifteen minutes; as much I hated to leave that early, I felt that I should just go home and rest. So I drove back home with no problems--just took it easy with my driving-- and just vegged out on the TV.

I think it's really time for me to move to Philly. I am so sick of the commute between there and West Chester.


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