Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Smug-Married-Hets-Rule Amendment PA update

Pennsylvania's anti-gay marriage Amendment is still on the State House of Representative's schedule for this week. So far it was not discussed in either the House Republican Caucus or the House Democratic Caucus yesterday. The Amendment may be discussed in these caucuses today, and the Amendment still could be voted on the House floor time sometime this week.

According to an e-mail sent from The Pennsylvania Gay And Lesbian Alliance today, State House Members are being flooded with phone calls from members of the Religious Right who support the amendment. These people were told to call their legislators during church on Sunday. (So much for separation between church and state!) I'm fucking pissed that all these people are quick to blame me for everying that's wrong with the "American Family." Obviously every gay person and free-thinking straight in this state needs to counter these calls with calls opposing the amendment ASAP!


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