Sunday, April 16, 2006

A new club for worshipping Italian men with huge mustaches?

Thanks to Philebrity for letting me onto the story about new Phillies catcher Sal Fasano and his fan club, whose members go to Phillies games with thick fu manchu mustaches as a tribute to him. Is it kind of like wearing KISS makeup to a KISS concert? Or just appreciation for Italian men with woofy facial hair?


"Backup catcher Sal Fasano first noticed them signing autographs before Game 1 of Sunday's doubleheader.

He did another double take while warming up Jon Lieber for Game 2. Suddenly, he was looking in a mirror and seeing nearly two-dozen reflections -- complete with long hair and fu manchu mustaches.

Sal's Pals have arrived at Citizens Bank Park and taken their place in the right-field bleachers. The newest fan club is a group of fans decked out in long hair and mustaches. Some were drawn on with magic marker, while others were acquired at a costume store.

One looked particularly authentic."

You can click here for the rest of the story at Shame he has to wear that catcher's mask. (And sorry guys, he married...and straight.)


Blogger The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

He is kinda sexy in that scruffy way. :-) I wouldn't kick him outta my bed for eating pizza.

3:03 AM  

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