Sunday, April 09, 2006

Allergies are a bitch

This morning I woke up with a huge headache. It must have been my allegry to all that pollen into the air this time of year, with springtime and all. It seems like I'm either at risk for getting a cold during the cold winter months or at risk for getting allergies during the warmer months. Fortuneately I did the things I needed to get done this morning and worked right through the headache. And I felt better when I left to go to Philly late the afternoon with the Philadelphians' Lemonade! Spring Social, and I wound up having a good time there. Lots of money was raised for Alex's Lemonade Stand, an organization that helps kids with cancer. Going to Philly for the social made me glad I went...I just had a big headache, not a broken spirit.

Just got back from the city. Now off to bed to get some restful rest.


Blogger Eric said...

Sorry your allergies are knocking you about! Mine do that, too, but anyone who hates Gretchen Wilson and Toby Keith deserves better in my book!

9:17 AM  

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