Sunday, April 09, 2006

Marriage woes in PA and elsewhere

The good news for the Pennsylvania LGBT community is that the State House did not vote on the Anti-Marriage Amendment (HB 2381) on April 4 as originally planned. It's been pushed back three weeks. The Anti-Marriage Amendment has now been placed on the State House agenda for a vote on Monday, April 24th.

Pennsylvania law already prohibits gay and lesbian couples from marrying, so why this amendment is being brought up? Maybe because the Republicans are nervous about a lot people being pissed that the State House and Senate voted for a pay raise and that might end up voting a lot of those politicans out of office and cause the Republicans to lose their majority in the State House and Senate. So the Republicians decide to use gay marriage to get the Religious Right folks to support them and keep the status quo, as well as to "keep those uppity homos in their place." Is it any wonder that the vote on the amendment has been pushed closer to the day of the state primaries, which is on May 16?

Meanwhile in Michigan rapper Eminem and his wife Kim Mathers have filed for divorce after being married for a second time for eighty-two days, and already there's mud being thrown on both sides. Note that Michigan's anti-gay marriage laws have done NOTHING to prevent this circus from happening. So much for those laws helping "the sanctity of marriage!" Maybe the Pennsylvania state legislature ought to rewrite the amendment--instead of banning gays, how about banning celebrities like Eminem from getting married instead?


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