Monday, March 27, 2006

Gay rugby night

Philly's gay rugby team the Philadelphia Gryphons had their 3rd annual Bachelor Auction at the Westbury this past Friday night. I usually don't go in the city on Friday nights since I have to be at work the next morning, but I wanted to check it out. Place was packed. Believe it or not there were quite a few straight women in the crowd being loud and drunk. (Well they looked striaght to me.) The bar's jukebox was out of service (I didn't like their current TouchDial jukebox anyway) so they had a tape of Top 40/R&B/hip-hop music playing. This type of music has been starting to sneak into the gay bars such as here and Key West and crowding out the more traditional dance/house music that's been the standard gay bar fare for so long. Anyhow six Gryphons were auctioned off, with the more bear-ish ones getting the higher bids. (The highest bid was over $400.) Didn't stay around long after that. Not a bad night but standing around in a crowded bar on a Friday night is not something I'd usually do.


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