Sunday, April 30, 2006

Last day in April

Allergies acting up this weekend, so I figured to lay low for the weekend. I might as well save my energy and money for now since this is going to be a busy week, with Equality Forum happening in Philly this week. I want to attend two of the discussion panels at the Prince Music Theater on Wednesday, "Media Panel: Blogs" and "Beyond Barebacking: Young Men's Health" (Freddy from the blog Mental Hopskotch will be among the panelists in the latter). I'm also planning to be at the SundayOUT! street festival (held in the Old City section) and the Equality LIVE! Concert at Penns Landing with Taylor Dayne and Pretty Poison on the bill.

Got an e-mail from The Pennsylvania Gay And Lesbian Alliance saying that the Anti-gay Marriage Amendment was not brought up in the PA State House for a vote this past week, but it could be brought up this week since the State House is scheduled until Wednesday May 3, which after that the House will be in recess until Monday, May 22 (which is after the Primary Election). PA-GALA goes on to say:
It is likely that the Amendment will not move until after the May 16th Primary Election. The leadership is protecting House members from having to make a controversial vote before the Primary. The bad news for lgbt voters is that we will not know who will actually vote for or against the amendment before we cast our ballots on May 16th.
I find that quite surprising, since the Republicans are orchestrating this in the first place because they are nervous about the recent public backlash over the State House and Senate voting for pay raises while programs were being slashed and that it might cause the incumbents to be voted out of office, in which the Republicans might lose their majority in the State House and Senate. So they are going to be whatever they can to stay in office and in power. If that means working up the anti-gay feelings of the mob and distracting them from other issues, damn right they'll do it. Anyway contact your State Representative and tell him or her to say NO! to this if you haven't already.

On a more lighter note, took part in Dining Out For Life this past Thursday by having dinner at the Astral Plane with a bunch of members from the Philadelphians MC. Never ate there before. Nice atmosphere (if a little cramped from where we sat on the second floor), good food. A fun evening.

One final thing: Congrats to Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2005 Dawn Marie for winning the title of American Leathergirl at American Brotherhood Weekend last week! Way to go for representing Philly!


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