Tuesday, May 02, 2006

''Who's going to share their drugs with me?''

So said Madonna jokingly when she performed at the Coachella festival this past Sunday. This was her first festival appearance. Entertainment Weekly's WE.com gave its highlights including this:

She then tore through Confessions tracks ''Get Together'' and ''I Love New York,'' strapping on a guitar for the latter and bending into the amp with her ax to generate some feedback. The singer also took aim at the president when she altered some lyrics to say, ''If you don't like my attitude, then you can fuck off/ Just go to Texas, and suck George Bush's dick.'' Her feisty, rocker-grrrl persona continued when she screamed to the crowd, ''Don't throw water on my stage, motherfuckers!'' to a roar of applause. A slightly slower, electroclashy ''Ray of Light'' followed, with six male dancers in white surgeon masks and windbreaker suits shadowing her as she noodled on guitar. After striking an angry, pseudo-drunk dance pose throughout the pulsating robot-groove ''Let It Will Be,'' Madonna teased some more, stripping down to her leotard (shocking!) and asking if her ass looked good. As if she really needed that question answered by any of us.

Oh Madge!

NME.com also gave an account on this and the festival in general through one of their blogs.


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