Friday, May 05, 2006

Interview with Jade Starling of Pretty Poison

Jade Starling, the lead singer and siren for the band Pretty Poison, has been a longtime fixture on the Philadelphia music scene. She's best known for her hit song "Catch Me I'm Falling." It first was released on the indie Svengali label in April 1987 and became a hit on the local radio stations like Hot Hits! 98 and Power 99 during that summer. Virgin Records took notice of the song's success and signed the band and re-released "Catch Me," which would climb to #8 on the Billboard pop chart in December 1987, as well as top the dance charts. In addition she's had an array of club and pop hits including "Nightime," "Let Freedom Ring," "Safe Keeping," and "Expiration."

The other night I had a nice fun chat with Jade, who was rehearsing with Pretty Poison, who is on the bill (along with Taylor Dayne and Gina G.) for the Equality LIVE! Concert at Penn's Landing on Sunday, May 7. Pretty Poison also has a brand new single coming out called "Take Me I'm Yours" later this month. You can hear a hot remix of that song by the remix team the Klubjumpers on her MySpace page.

How did you hook up with the Klubjumpers?

I know Daniel through the Winter Music Conference. I was hanging out with him in the lobby this year--we went to see Paul Oakenfold spin and it was sick! And I asked him if they would like to remix our new song "Take Me I'm Yours". So he wound up doing it and it turned out great.

And you haven't heard the original version as's very 80s progressive, it's got that New Order "Blue Monday" sample from it.

Any other remixes of the song?

There's also be a remix from DJ Brian Howe from Capp Records. Peter Presta is doing a remix of Catch Me I'm Falling as well...I'm going to be cutting a new vocal for it next week. It's been a blur!

"Catch Me" has been your calling card. How did the inspiration for the song come about?

When Whey [Cooler, the keyboardist and other songwriting half of Pretty Poison] and I started the band, we were devoted to the New Wave scene, especially the British bands. We went from poppy to very underground al a Souixsie and the Banshees. At the time this music was gaining bigtime in the clubs and we started dancifying our sound. One thing led to another, we got together with producer Kae Williams Jr. and recorded "Catch Me I'm Falling," which was originally meant for another artist.

When you and Whey started the band in the eighties, did you imanige how the band would turn out and have the success that it has had?

You know, it's been what I've dreamed of since I've been a little girl; When I was three I won a baby pagent. My mom was sending me to pagents and I was enjoying it. My mom and I bonded over feminine things like make-up...I'm a spokeperson for Lancome makeup.

One more thing...there's going to be a new album out this fall. But for now there's the new single, "Take Me I'm Yours". It's starting to get played all over the place.

Will it be available on iTunes or any of the usual download outlets?

Right now it's just on the player [on my MySpace page]. In regards to digital distribution, it'll be available at all of the usual outlets from iTunes to Rhapsody.

Any final words for the fans?

Have you heard the new name for my tour? It's "The Comeback Tour: You Came Back, I Never Left!" It's like all my fans are coming back!

Thanks to Jade for taking the time to do this interview! Hope that you'll knock 'em dead at Equality LIVE! this Sunday!


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