Sunday, August 28, 2005

What I did this weekend & bad grrls mix CD

Friday nights I usually end up watching a lot of TV, but this past Friday in order to prepare myself for next weekend at the beach I made myself finish reading Land's End : A Walk in Provincetown by Michael Cunningham. It's basicly a good travelougue of the Massachusetts seaside town, describing it in colorful detail. I have never been to P-Town but I do want to check it out one day.

Saturday evening I went to a pool party. It was overcast and kind of cool so hardly anyone did any swimming. But they did have a good barbeque featuring hamburgers and hot dogs. And they also showed a movie, a piece of high camp spoofing 50s and 60s soap-opera-ey women's pictures called Die, Mommie, Die! with Charles Busch perfroming as the female lead as well as writing the screenplay. That picture got some good laughs from the crowd. Overall I had a good time.

Sunday morning it just rained a lot, so I basicly stayed in and finished making my bad-girl themed mix-CD Madame Rock's Home For Wayward Grrrls. Songs about shoplifting (The Slits, "Shoplifting"), drugs (Shonen Knife, "Brown Mushrooms"), wild sex (Liz Phair, "Flower"), starting fires (Courtney Love, "Hello"), holding major grudges (Babes In Toyland, "Bruise Violet"), being a groupie and stalking rock stars (Courtney again, "But Julian I'm A Little Bit Older Than You"), getting back at the father who molested you (Bikini Kill, "Suck My Left One") or the frat boy who raped you (Tribe 8, "Frat Pig"), and just having a plain old bad attitude (Patti Smith, "My Generation"), things that "good girls" are not "supposed" to do. Begins with the Runaways ("Cherry Bomb"), who have blazed the trail of this genre, and it also ends with them ("I Love Playing With Fire"). Overall it's a great CD-R compilation. Here's to those bad grrrls!


Blogger Qivan said...

You definitely have the best blog name.

9:48 PM  
Blogger The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

I wanna copy!! Please?

10:34 PM  
Blogger circleinasquare said...

As bad as YOU, Chris?



11:38 PM  
Blogger Chris Krakora said...

"As bad as YOU, Chris?"

As bad as you want me to be, baby! ;)

5:52 PM  

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