Sunday, August 28, 2005

A NYC coffeehouse closes

Today the Big Cup, a well-known coffeehouse in the Cheslea district of New York City, will be doing its last day of business and closing its doors due to rising rents. I'm bummed to hear about that. When I would take a trip up to NYC I usually stopped in there. I'd get a coffee or whatever and sit in one of its funky chairs and go over a freebie copy of HX or Next magazine. A good place to kill some time. Although some people say that the Big Cup reeked of Cheslea Muscle Boy attitude, everybody seemed pretty cool when I would go there. I'm going to miss that place. And sorry but the Starbucks Coffee that opened across the street from them a year ago is a piss-poor subsitute. Damn all those rising rents in New York that's killing all its local color!


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