Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hello...the state of dance music and drugs

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In the past month a couple of events have shaken the world of dance music. DJ Junior Vasquez said that he had recently recovered from a habit of doing crystal meth for five years. Also DJ Julian Marsh said that he would retire from DJing at the end of this summer. Among the reasons he was doing that was because the dance circuit scene was getting too "dark" and drug-infested (Tina in particular) for him to stomach.

Dance music is not the first musical genre that has been fueled by drugs. But certainly the image that current dance music is just "drug driven" is not helping it win any mainstream success in the US. Dance is one of my favorite musical genres and I don't need to take drugs to appreciate it. (I personally find crystal scary.) Appearently new ways are needed for people to enjoy dance music, since the way things are currently going people are getting turned off from dance music for various reasons. It would be a shame since I find the genre to be uplifting.


Blogger James O. Phillips said...

I knew about Vaquez coming clean about his drug use - but I didn't know that Julian Marsh was retiring out of dj'ing at the end of the summer. I remember liking one of the mixes he did of Dolly Parton's Peace Train. Such a shame, but life does go on.

All the best


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