Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina: Shocked and appalled

For the past two days I've been watching footage of Hurricane Katrina ripping through the Gulf Coast and its horrible aftereffects are astounding. Just now on CNN was broadcasting from Baton Rouge, Lousisana and they had interviewed a woman who was evacuated from New Orleans. The woman said that she was angry that lots of politicans from George W. Bush and the governor of Lousisana down knew that New Orleans needed a good evacuation plan in case of such a hurricane and/or flood should strike, but they didn't put in the money and effort needed. You could feel the anger and disgust seething from her. Plus I came across which had an e-mail from a NOLA rescue worker saying that the evacuation plan that New Orleans had favored the rich over the poor. Now I know that Hurricane Katrina was huge and would have caused destrution everyway by its own and all that, but it seems that if more time, effort, and money was put into a evacuation plan as well as making sure that the levees were made stronger, the destruction might not have been as widespread. Because of these oversights it looks like political heads are going to start rolling in the coming months.


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And heads should roll.

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