Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Video music updates

A couple of updates on a couple of acts featured in my Friday Video segments:

Yazoo, or Yaz as they're known in the States, has just announced they have extended their reunion tour by adding some dates in North America later this summer. I'm hoping that there will be a Philly date, or at least a couple in New York.

Last week I mentioned about Capitol Records's indesicion on what would be the first US single off of Kylie Minogue's X album. Well they've chosen "All I See" as the first US single. Not a bad choice really--I remember listening to this when X first came out back in November thinking that it sounded like something that the US label would pick to get on US radio. Lyrics are kind of a bunch of cliches but of course this is aimed at the Clear Channel radio stations which are not exactly a hotbed of musical sophisication. Nice understated delivery by Kylie that makes it worth listening to. (Though I still stand by my decision that "Sensitize" would have made a better US single.)

Hedging their bets on getting US radio airplay, the company is releasing a rent-a-rapper remix (how innovative...not!) of "All I See" featuring Mims, best known for his US hit single "This Is Why I'm Hot." (He's also featured on a remix of Enur's "Calabria 2007," which is currently rising on the US pop charts.):

You Tube clip of Kylie feat. Mims - "All I See"

IMHO the remix sounds quite forced and it doesn't really add anything to the song (outside of getting US radio programmers's attention); rather it destroys any subtilies the song has. I hope that that the US top 40 stations will ignore this remix and just go for the original album version instead.

"All I See" will be released in North America on March 11.

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Blogger Kris said...

Oh wow, nice to know they're releasing a single here in the US at least. Yea, same sentiments. I'd prefer the original version to be played rather than the remix, it's kinda pointless but oh well, guess they gotta do what they need to do to help push it in the market. But still (T_T)

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