Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Video #66: Dancing Free Until The Morning Light

On Tuesday February 12, dance pop singer Amber released her latest single "This Is Your Night 2008," which is a re-recording of her 1996 hit. The new version was produced and remixed by Pathos V2 (a/k/a Wolfram Dettki, who has produced her last two albums). Amber said that she decided to re-record the song was because she got a lot of requests for it but the original version was held up by red tape with Warner Brothers, which currently owns the song (and her albums up until Amber Remixed). The new version of "This Is Your Night" is worth giving a listen to; it's got some nice spacey/trancey elements to it.

Above is the new video for "This Is Your Night 2008). It was directed by Rob Graydon.

I thought that I'd also include the video to the original version of "This Is Your Night" as well. Here it looked liked the people who made that video had seen some of Kylie Minogue's early 90's videos like "Better The Devil You Know" and decided to make it like that.

"This Is Your Night" would be the biggest pop hit for Amber in the US--it reached #24 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

"This Is Your Night 2008" is now availible as a legal download on digital sites on iTunes and

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Blogger hot-lunch said...

i have to say i like the original better. why ruin a good thing? i liked her other songs too, like Sexual and of course her part in If You Could Read My Mind...

10:24 PM  

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