Friday, January 11, 2008

Crazy Deja Vu

I know that by now you've heard about Britney Spears' craptacular nervous breakdown last week, but I have to say that it reminded me of when Courtney Love had to be hancuffed to a stretcher on her way to Bellvue Hospital in New York City three and a half years ago. I look at those pictures of Britney being wheeled away and I expect her to say "Today is my birthday and I had an abortion" juat like Courtney did.

BTW Brit's breakdown happened just hours after the results of the Iowa caucuses in which presidental hopeful Obama Barack came out on top. Ah, the politics of distraction.

UPDATE: gives a report of the night of craziness at Britney's house the night she was committed. "It involves profanity, nudity, drugs and wild mood swings," the website drools.

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