Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year's Recap

I wound up staying in on both New Year's Eve and Day, but that was not my orogonal intention. I had made plans to be at a party in Norristown on New Year's Eve, and then spend the following day doing some bar-hopping in Philly. But I must had gotten some sort of bug/cold on the Saturday before that; I had a bad case of diaherra and I felt very tired for the next two days. I felt somewhat better by NYE but not well enough to go out. So I stayed in both days and watched some DVDs I had gotten with some of the gift cards I had received for Christmas, including some vintage black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons and a concert of Rufus Wainwright covering jady Garland's songbook. Not the best way to bring in 2008 but hey you can't have everything.



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