Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Video #67: More Kylie

Last week (February 12) Kylie Minogue's X album finally got released in the U.S., but it's just being digitally released on iTunes and other legal download outlets. It was also supposed to be released as a physical CD, but it seems to be pushed back to March now. Considering that Kylie's US label Capitol haven't even clearly decided what song will be as the first single in this country at this point, so it wouldn't be surprising if they cancel plans for putting out a physical CD. It's a shame considering that X is a joy to listen to.

Anyway this is the video to "Wow," the second UK and Australian single from her album. It was directed by Melina Matsoukas. While I do like this song, I think that there are better tracks off the album that would make better singles than this. Anyway, this video reminds me of her classic "Spinning Around" clip, which both videos take place in a nightclub; only "Wow" uses more vibrabt colors.

BTW I heard through some Kylie fan forum boards that this was going to be the first single, but so far the track hasn't been sent out to the various US dance radio outlets, nor has its mixes been put up on US iTunes.

Now here is the video to "In My Arms," which was released as the second single to other European countries. It was also directed by Melina Matsoukas, who filmed both videos in Los Angeles in early Janurary 2008. Better choice for a single than "Wow." Love the 80s new wave retro-look she's sporting here!

If I had to make a choice of what was going to be the first US single, I would have to pick "Sensitized." It wouldn't sound out of place with all that R&B and hip-hop on US pop radio right now, but it still retains its own identity. Here is Kylie performing the song on her The Kylie Show TV special, which aired in the UK late last year. (She recycles her infamous European Agent Provocateur commerical with the broncing bronco.)

One more thing, Kylie has been doing some promo for the album in the US anyway; here she is making a stopover at Perez Hilton (not really a fan of his but hey, promo is promo at this point). Hey Capitol, get a clue!

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Blogger hot-lunch said...

I heard rumors she was gonna release "All I See" as the first single for the U.S., since it is more R&B sounding, along the lines of a Ne-Yo song or something... I really like that song, but I heard a version with a new "rap" put in the beginning by someone named Mims and was clearly unimpressed.

I'm surprised you like Sensitized! I thought it was the worst track on the album, but it's cool to find someone else who actually likes it. And here I figured that Cathy Dennis was keeping all the good songs for her new upcoming album herself!

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