Friday, June 15, 2007

Philly Gay Pride 2007

Philadelphia's Gay Pride parades are usually shorter than other cities like New York. If you're watching them from the sidelines, Philly's usually takes around half an hour, while marching in it takes two hours. Compare that to New York's, where it takes two hours to watch it and up to five or six hours to march in it.

Considering this in mind, this year's Philly Pride pararde was unusally short. Only four or five floats this year, and it probably took about only fifteen minutes to sit through. I was on the Bike Stop float with several Philadelphians members. It took the usual two hours to go through the route. The ride for the most part was enjoyable. Weather was cloudy until 1:30pm when the sun came out. (BTW the Bike Stop float won an award for best bar float.) Stayed at the Gay Pride festival at Penns Landing for only an hour or so. Walked backed to the Gayborhood for a bite to eat and a drink before I headed back home. I did take some photos which I'll post on here later this month.

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