Friday, May 18, 2007

Lady Bunny Interview

For the latest installment of my column, I did an interviw with Lady Bunny, who does a great, irreverent, yet politically aware blog, and who will be appearing at The Raven in New Hope, Pa. on Sunday May 20 as part of their Gay Pride weekend known as New Hope Celebrates. Here is an excerpt from there, where she talks about writing on her blog:

"Well, if your blog is entertaining you draw people to your site by constantly updating it with new entries. Even if your site is gorgeous, no one wants to come and look at the same thing everyday. But I have been on the road for weeks so I've been a VERY lazy blogger recently. But I repent! I'm sure that that horror Jerry Falwell will get me going on the ol' blog. I also have just gotten back from working in London and Paris and have some fun pics from the gigs which I'll be posting soon. And here's a pic of Dennis Rodman getting the "booty" at Treasure Island hotel in Vegas last Friday. I was his "date" for his birthday party at Scores--the straight strip club! Nuts!"

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