Friday, April 20, 2007

Account of Grandma's Funeral

I guess it's time that I ought to tell you about my going to my grandma's (the one on my dad's side) funeral two weeks ago. I was in Cleveland, Ohio for three days from Wednesday April 4 to Friday April 6. My parents and I got in the car and drove to and from Cleveland via the turnpike, which was about a seven hour drive each way. Viewing of the body was at Wednrsday evening. Lots of relatives there, ones I haven't seen in a few years. (Last time I was in Cleveland was back in December 2001.) It started snowing in Cleveland that Wednesday night and it was still snowing when we left on Friday. Which I found ironic since Grandma did not like winter weather, yet it was snowing at her funeral that Thursday. (Clevelnad is more used to winter weather than Philly is--there was an inch of snow on the ground Thursday morning and yet the public schools there were only opening an hour late, where if that happened here the schools would be closed for the day). There was a luncheon nearby after the funeral. Rest for a few hours afterwards watching a trashy "reality" TV show on VH1. Dinner with a bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins at a nearby restaurant that evening. We drove home Friday and watched the snow go away as we further got away from Cleveland, where it continues to snow there until that Sunday.

(One more note: Mom and Dad listened to several FM stations on the way both to and from Cleveland, all of them country. They were all pretty interchangeable with the same sort of dull current country songs (and no Dixie Chicks), some very sappy and some pushing the War with Iraq with buzzwords like "freedom." And all of the station's dj's/announcers sounded pretty much the same as well. Oh well, that's Clear Channel for you. An example why I don't listen to FM radio much these days.)

Anyway, rest in peace Grandma.



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