Monday, April 30, 2007

Travel and another coffeehouse closes

I think that today was the most productive day I've had with this blog for the past couple of months. I'm not as depressed as I am before, so I'm not as likely to procrasinate.

Anway I spent yesterday afternoon in Philly; I drove to nearby Paoli and took the train into the city and back from that point--public transpotation, what a novelty! Main reason I was there was that Philadelphia Home And Garden (PHAG) was throwing a luanch party for its new line of pillows, featuring the work of Rah Crawford. Nice party. Before that I stopped by the Village Coffee House only to find that it was going to close because of leasing issues with the landlord. As a matter of fact, yesterday was its last day open. Sad to see that go; I've had quite a few cups there when I would go into Philly. At least I was lucky that I got to go there one last time. So now where will all the gay guys go for their coffee? Either Joe Coffee or Brew Ha! Ha! (in the spot where Millenium Coffee used to be), I guess.

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