Friday, May 18, 2007

New Madonna Track

What do I think about the new Madonna track "Hey You," which has been done for the Live Earth concerts on July 7, and that you can download via Not bad. It aims to be orchestral pop, something that you wouldn't expect considering that this was produced by her and Pharrell, the Neptunes producer who she has been working with on her upcoming album. Feels a bit rushed though--if they spent a little more time working on this, it would make a nice power ballad for commercial radio. If anything, this will at least quiet down the hardcore Madonna fans who think that she's selling out by current working with big name hip-hop artists. "Hey You" is only be available as an online download, so if you're a Madonna fan...

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Blogger The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

I have grown to dislike Madonna a lot lately.

3:43 AM  

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