Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Folsom Street East 2007

This year's Folsom Street East fair in NYC on Sunday was a blast. Took the train up to NYC in the morning and arrived there around 12:45pm. Since I had a couple of hours to kill I walked down Eight Avenue to the heart of Cheslea's gay district (only a ten-minute walk from Penn Station!) and had a light lunch at one of the restaurants there and did some window shopping. (Also saw the most hilarious billboard as well on the corner of 8th and 28th.)

At 2 I walked over to FSE on West 28th Street from 10th to 11th Avenues and stayed there for nearly five hours. It got crowded very quickly--the attendance turned out to be around 10,000, which was an all-time high for the event. A sea of leather, fetish, and hot men. Walked around for a couple of hours glad that I had slapped on a couple of coats of sunscreen beforehand. Watched some of the onstage entertainment. Ran into John Loesch (Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2007) at four and we decided to go into the the Eagle to escape the heat. Went back out on the street at six and walked around some more. Had to leave at seven in order to catch my train ride back home (like I said last year, I had a three and a half-hour train ride from NYC to home). So I had to miss the Nasty Pig Porn Star Pie Eating Contest (NSFW), where three two-man porn teams took to the stage in jockstraps, one man on each team bent over with his ass facing the crowd, as his partner smashed a pie into his butt and then ate off it. Damnit, I have to either get a later train or stay overnight at a hotel. Talk about happy Daddy's Day!

Anyhow I took a few pictures of the event for your enjoyment. They might not do any justice for the event, but here they are:

The entrance to FSE on 10th Avenue and West 28th Street.

Amazing what a pair of silts can do.

The band Nekked performs onstage.


Porn star and singer Fredrick Ford performs onstage.

Crowd shot I took about 6:30pm. I was hoping it would turn out more like this, but it tuned out OK.

Beer garden section in front of the Eagle.

One of the flaggers by the performance stage.

Taken around 7:00pm.

And finally a shot to prove I was there!

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