Friday, November 24, 2006

Coffeehouses in Philly

Last week I received a $20 card for Starbucks Coffee as a birthday gift. When I went into Philly Monday night for my Philadelphians meeting, I could have used it at the new Starbucks on 12th and Walnut Streets. But I chose to go to the Village Coffee House instead. I figured that I could use that card at any Starbucks. It'd be better if when I go into Philly I'd patronize one of the local gayborhood indie coffeehouse like Village or Joe Coffee Bar instead. Village just makes better coffee than Starbucks. If Village isn't open (they've started closing earlier on weekdays for the winter), I'd go to Joe instead. Another thing: did they pass a law in Philly that there had to a be a Starbucks Coffee on every other block in the city? It feels like that to me. I see more Starbucks in Philly than I do back in West Chester, it's ridiculous. I've heard rumors that either Village or Joe might close their doors in the next few months. I hope not--Village has sort of taken the place of Millennium Coffee, which closed over a year ago, and Joe gives a lot back to the local community. I'd rather have that Starbucks on 12th and Walnut close instead!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is like that everywhere, a Starbucks on every corner. I always support Village (when it is opne, that is.)

I hated Millenium, all those snotty queens sitting on the sidewalk. :-P

10:35 PM  

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