Friday, November 03, 2006

I won't tumble for the new Culture Club

Culture Club is reforming. Well, sort of. Drummer Jon Moss and bassist Mikey Craig, as well as keyboard player Phil Pickett, will be doing a tour in the UK next month as Culture Club Reborn. The kicker is that Boy George won't be singing. They've hired a 29-year-old unknown named Sam Butcher to take his place. Apppearently there's been bad blood between the CCR and Boy George camps. Jon Moss, who was George's former boyfriend, criticized the former lead singer for accepting a songwriting award at the Q Music Awards for "Karma Chameleon" without telling the other former bandmembers (the song was credited to all the original band members), as well as for some very diva-ish behavior. Boy in turn said that he thought that the new singer Butcher was "dreadful" and that he didn't like the band's new sound at all.

Moss defended the new line-up saying "At the end of the day, Culture Club was very much ours as well as George's. He was the visual impact that everyone got, but there was a hell of a lot behind it."

Diva-ish behavior or not, Boy George was a big component of the band. To have the "new" Culture Club get another singer makes the band less than a sum of its parts

Well things could have been worse--Moss could have hired Boy's friend/rival Marilyn to take his place instead!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy George was Culture Club. It would be like the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger.

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