Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Amber single "Melt With the Sun"

Amber will be releasing a new single with the production team of Sweet Rains (who did a great New Order-sounding remix of her last single "Just Like That") titled "Melt With the Sun." It features remixes by Tracy Young, Pathos V2, Hex Hector, AM Corona, Lance Jordan and Al B. Rich. The single will be released on November 14, which features ten mixes. It will be availble on all legal download outlets like iTunes. She will also be selling limited amounts of the CD maxi-single on her website as well as certain online stores like Perfect Beat. A second set of additional remixes will also be coming out at a future date.

Amber is also working on a music video of the song, her first one since "Love One Another" back in 2000. Check out this behind-the-scenes clip, her red dress blowing in the "wind" kind of reminds me of that picture sleeve she did for her "Yes!" single. A sort of "back to nature" theme here?

You can hear clips of "Melt With the Sun" on Amber's website, as well as on her MySpace page.

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