Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bunnydrums, North Star Bar 8-30-2006

Last night I saw Bunnydrums perform at the North Star Bar. First time I've been in that bar; it's located near the Art Museum section of Philly. This was the second time the band performed since re-forming earlier this year; they played at the World Cafe Live back in July but I had to miss that show. King of Siam (another lost Philly new-music band from the 80s) and Northern Liberties opened for them and Robert Drake DJed between sets.

Bunnydrums went on stage after midnight and opened with "Crawl," an instrumental from their 1983 album PKD. Original group members David Geork (vocalist/guitarist) and Frank Marr (lead guitar) were joined by new members Howard Harrison (guitar), Marc Laurick (bass) and Howard Mongiello (drums). They didn't have much banter with the crowd but they put on an intense show musically with their snaky post-punk. They performed their classic material as well as a couple of covers during the encore--Link Wray's "Switchblade" and the Stooges "T.V. Eye." Glad to have finally the chance to see this band live...the original band had dissolved by the time I was starting to get into them in the late 80s.

(BTW a funny thing happened when I arrived at the North Star around nine PM. Robert Drake, Marc, and Howard were hanging outside the door talking and I said hello to Robert. Marc said that he had recognized me from MySpace. Strange that people know you through places like that when they haven't meet you physical before, LOL.)


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