Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day 2006 weekend wrap-up

At 11:00am this past Friday I started my drive down for my weekend stay at the beach (Ocean City MD and Rehoboth Beach DE), Tropical Storm Ernesto be damned. Started raining around noon. When I got down to Rehoboth via Delaware State Route 1 about 1:30-2pm I could see the winds whipping up badly, so I decided to just hightail it to where I was staying. As I headed back to the main highway strip via Silver Lake Road, I saw one of the trees was knocked over by the wind and fell on the other side of the road. I just continued my drive down, going quite slowly. Ernesto must have been hitting the area just then. I got to my parent's summer house in Ocean City around 3:00pm and discovered that one of the trees on the front lawn--a Russian Olive--had been uprooted by the wind (with gusts up to 61 miles per hour) and fallen across the lawn, luckily it hadn't fallen either on the house or on the street. A couple of trash cans had also been knocked over, so I got out of the car and got them off the driveway, unpacked and ran into the house. My parents were coming down that same day as well, so I called them and told them what had happened and told them to go slowly. They arrived around 6pm with some fried chicken they picked up from a nearby fast food joint and we all stayed in that evening. The windows were rattling a bit but the house stayed pretty much intact. No power outages here. Slept soundly considering all the noise due to all that wind outside.

Saturday morning it stopped raining but the sky was still cloudy. We cleaned up the front yard and driveway. A few shingles had been blown off the roof and were lying on the sidewalk and back yard. We cut off some of the branches off the fallen tree and set them aside to be thrown away. Mom commented "I did want to get rid of that tree anyway, but not so soon." Stayed around the house that afternoon and caught up on some reading. Drove up to Rehoboth that night. Walked around for a bit and did a bit of shopping at Lambda Rising bookstore and Gidget's Gadgets, then went to top it off at the Double L Bar for a couple of hours. Heard that quite a few people had gone out to take part of the Rehoboth nightlife, Ernesto be damned. Appearently the people there have the attitude that a little rain or snow or whatever should not interfere with having fun with your friends at the local watering hole or wherever. A good deal of power had gone out in the central part of Rehoboth around 10:30pm and some people wound up going to the Double L, which still had its power on at that point and wouldn't lose it until an hour later.

Did some more cleaning up Sunday morning, cutting some more of the tree apart. Still pretty cloudly. but the sun did peek out every now and then. Then my parents and I went out to lunch at one of the local restaurants. My parents were going to a party that they've been invited to so I decided to spend another evening in Rehoboth. Had some dinner and checked out a couple more of the bars. Club Zeus's Sunday evening tea dances are known to be a blast, but they had a five dollar cover so I didn't go in; hey I need to save some money for gas. Wound up going to the Blue Moon, which was having their Disco Classics party (and no cover), which has hosted by Pamela Stanley, a singer who have some dance hits back in the eighties, "Coming Out of Hiding" being her best-known one. She did two sets featuring her own material as well as covers of some familiar disco standards (like Donna Summer's "She Works Hard For The Money"), with "Hiding" ending both sets (the first time she sang that she broke out two purple and green flags and started twirling them during the instrumental part, also known as "flagging").

Labor Day had the best weather that weekend, with a good deal of sun. Pity I had to drive back home that day. Left around 11:00am and stopped at Lori's Cafe in Rehoboth to have a sandwich for lunch. Got home around 3:00, unpacked, and went to a birthday party for my niece that evening. Overall it wasn't a bad weekend, even with the rough weather on Friday. Now it's back to the usual grind and I have to try to fight having the post-vacation blues.

I took a few pictures over the weekend but I still have a dozen photos left in my camera. I should be posting them up when they are developed.


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