Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mr. Double L 2006 contest

This past Saturday afternoon I went down to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to attend the Mr. Double L 2006 contest. Had to work at my day job that morning until 1pm. I arrived at Rehoboth at 6pm after a three hour drive, had dinner and walked around downtown until 8:30, which I then headed over to the Double L Bar. Ran into a couple of Philly-area peeps there. Contest was supposed to start at 9:30pm but it didn't on until after ten.

Here are some photos that I took. I would have posted them up on here earlier this week but I had a little problem with the CD they were on, but that's fixed for now.

Me (center) with Mid-Atlantic Leatherboy Justin (left) and Maryland LeatherSIR Chris (right).

The three contestants for Mr. Double L 2006: Paul, Neil and Gary.

A picture of the judges and crowd from the stage. I took a quick photo when I went up onstage for the Parade of Colors featuring members of various leather fraternities; I represented the Philadelphians MC.

Titleholders gather up on stage while host Frank Nowicki (Mr. Mid-Alantic Leather 1993) emcees.

Mr. Double L 2005 Scott Harris gives his stepping-down speech. After winning the title last year he would go on to become Mr Mid-Atlantic Leather 2006.

Gary Samuels from Washington DC wins the title of Mr. Double L 2006. He was the crowd favorite, getting the most applause.

The contest was over a little after midnight. Stayed at the bar until a quarter of one, where I then drove down to Ocean City MD (half an hour frive) and crashed at my parents's summer place. Lots of bikers in the area that weekend, being that it was Delmarva Bike Week. Funny that both Mr. Double L (gay) and Bike Week (straight) are held on the same weekend. The weather during drove back home on Sunday was very sunny, with a high around 80 degrees F; too bad there's not going to be many more of those type of days with fall coming around the corner.

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