Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kanye West behaves badly at the EMA's

Kanye West, please STFU.

In the past you've gotten a lot of liberal brownie points from people who normal don't listen to rap for your stances against homophobia in hip-hop and for speaking out against President Bush on a national Hurricane Katrina benefnit TV show. But your behavior on the European MTV Music Awards this past Thursday was downright boorish, where you crashed the stage when the award for Best Video was being presented to Justice Vs. Simian (actually the French DJ electro outfit/band was doing a mini-tour of the US at that moment, so they had a couple of representatives fill in for them) and with an array of expletives bitched that your video should have won that award. And that your video "Touch The Sky" should have won just because, among things, that it had Pamela Anderson in it? Please, if that was the criteria for something of quality, Baywatch would have won a shitload of Emmys and Tommy Lee would have gotten an Oscar! "If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility!" you rant. Please. And you did win a award for Best Hip-Hop earlier that evening, this temper-tantrum makes you look like a spoiled brat.

Besides when I watch the EUROPEAN MTV Music Awards, I'd like to see some acts that come from Europe, thank you. More Robbie Williams and less Justin Timberlake. More Kylie Minogue and less Britney or Jessica Simple Simpson. There has been enough concession to American acts in this year's line-up as it was--do you think it would really hurt if some airtime or an award was given to a European act? If I want to see the same tired-ass overexposed American acts like Justin Timberlake ("SexyBack" is this year's annoying phrase turned song/anthem a la "I'm Too Sexy" or "Livin' La Vida Loca", I wish he'd quickly fade away into obsurcity like the singers of those two last songs), The Killers, Diddy and Snoop Dogg, bad rap and tabloid-pop, I'd stay home and watch the American MTV Awards and not bother with the European version. In the past the European MTV Award line-ups tended to be more superior and diverse than the American counterpart--one minute it's some glamourously trashy pop act like the Spice Girls and the next its the sweeping orchestrial electronica musings of Bjork (both acts were in the 1997 EMAs). But in the past couple of years their line-up has been less stellar with the increase of (bad) American acts in the line-up, such as that scowling rapper from MTV's Pimp My Ride hosting the show two years ago. (Where are the good American acts this year? Madonna? Scissor Sisters?) Appearently the reason for this is that MTV USA must have laid down the proviso that they wouldn't air the EMAs in America unless it had more Americans in the line-up. And for what? It airs just once on MTV USA proper this Friday November 10, (MTV2 did show this live when it went on this past Thursday); while the American version gets countless repeats. (And I would have rather see Borat host this year's awards like he did last year, but he's busy promoting his movie in America. So for comedy this year, we have to settle for this year's host Justin Tinkertoy, a white suburban Mickey-Mouse club kid, trying to act like he's black and from the ghetto.)

Anyway Kanye with your giant-ass ego outburst you've come across to the world as just another Ugly American who thinks that the light shines out of your ass just because G*d blessed your American behind and that it's alright to foist your culture onto the rest the world with no respect of their own. Now through the eyes of the rest of the world you're no better than George W. Bush.

Kanye, as a "fuck you" gesture, I'm presenting the link to the European MTV award-winning video "We Are Your Friends" by Justice vs. Simian via YouTube. And the band's MySpace page. And the MySpace page of the band's record label. Plus I'm mentioning that you can download the song from US iTunes as well.

Oh and BTW that excuse for said outburst where you said that had too much "sippy sippy" sounds like you went through Anna Nicole Smith's TrimSpa stash.


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Wow! Some bad behaviour. I wonder what is up with that?

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